#WIP 🎈

Neon Genesis

Digital Print of Photograms

This is for my final project in my alternative process photography class!

This is a finished project from my drawing class, an expansion of the (very similar) woodblock that I did last month. My inspiration was a modern take on a medieval unicorn tapestry.

India ink, gold leaf fluid/marker, and acrylic on paper

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Photograms of some of my action figures…let’s see where this goes.
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Leafy Sea Dragons

Charcoal and Sumi ink

Finished black and white Unicorn woodblock print!

Here is a test print (on newsprint) of the woodblock that I’m currently working on. I’m excited to finish it up and make my real prints soon!

My final project for my drawing class.

It’s a monster party!

Gold vinyl over acrylic on illustration board.

Grisaille portrait of my boyfriend, Dylan

It’s pretty shiny.

Oil on canvas and gold leaf